Efficient Chillers


Chiller units consume approximately 30% of energy in hotels, garments, hospitals and large scale buildings for air-conditioning and process cooling. It is necessary to replace aging, inefficient chillers with modern efficient chillers. This retrofit has been identified as a main element in the Demand Side Management Programme in Sri Lanka, which expects to save 41 GWh of annual electricity demand by 2020. The estimated cost of the project is LKR 11,241 million. This replacement will take place in buildings selected by the Project Management Unit, comprising of Government representatives, Chartered Engineers and Energy Services Companies (ESCos).


Meeting with energy services companies (ESCos) who are in the field of chiller services was held on March 31, 2017. In this meeting several methods were proposed to collect the data on existing chiller systems to prepare an Inventory of Chiller Units in Operation. At the same time case studies of energy efficient chiller plants should be done. After that a project proposal will be developed to phase out inefficient chillers and obtaining funds for the implementation. The post project operational status will be monitored against the pre-project baseline status by Accredited Energy Auditors.