Efficient Refrigerators


Refrigerators are among the major energy consuming appliances in an average household. It accounts for 50% of the utility bill. Therefore it is proposed to phase out inefficient refrigerators from the Sri Lankan market through a market intervention, which will introduce a trade-in scheme to remove the obsolete stock. Banks, utilities, vendors and customers will network to implement the programme. The vendor will engage the customer in the programme. Vendors will approach the Banks to obtain funds for the programme, which will be a low interest loan. Once the vendor delivers the refrigerator to the customer, the cost of the refrigerator will paid in instalments of the loan, through the utility bill. The loan will be for five years. The total cost of the programme is estimated to be LKR 3.5 billion. It is expected to save 161 GWh by 2020 through the implementation of this project.


Refrigerator testing for setting criteria for refrigerator selection is being done at NERD centre right now and stakeholder forum was conducted on March 23, 2017. The market strategy is being developed to be presented to the stakeholders at the moment.

Figure 01: workshop for stakeholders



A Refrigerator test facility has been established at the NERD centre. This test facility was received by the SLSEA as a grant from Asian Development Bank (ADB) in order to launch the energy labeling programme for Refrigerators. Three refrigerators can be tested at a time in this test facility.