Electrical and photometric characteristics of Lamps are tested at the Lighting Laboratories established at the four institutions mentioned below.

  • National Engineering Research & Development Centre (NERDC)
  • Regional Center for Lighting (RCL)
  • Arthur C Clarke Institution for Modern Technologies (ACCIMT)
  • Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI)

4’ and 2’ Tubular Fluorescent Lamps, CFLS LED Lamps halogen and sodium Lamps can be tested at these test laboratories.

A test facility for testing energy performance of ceiling fans is currently being installed at the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI). Air flow velocity, as well as electrical characteristics such as electrical power consumption and power factor of Ceiling fans will be tested at the test laboratory.

A Refrigerator test facility has been established at the NERD centre. This test facility was received by the SLSEA as a grant from Asian Development Bank (ADB) in order to launch the energy labeling programme for Refrigerators. Three refrigerators can be tested at a time in this test facility.