Energy Tip
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Energy star rated compact fluorescent Lamp (CFL) should be the choice in household lighting applications From the extraordinary Gazette notification No. 1611/10 of July 22,2099, the display of the Energy Label  on every CFL was made mandatory. The energy label consists of star rating which varies from  1 star   to 5star higher the number of the star greater the energy efficiency of the CFL. Accordingly CFLs having an energy label with 5 star are  most energy efficient compared to the  CFLs having 1star to  4star rating. By repacking a 1star CFL with 5star CFL with 5-7 watts lower in wattage the same light out put can be gained. Purchasing a CFL with 5 star rating about 5-7 watts  can be cut down At present LED Lamp technology has improved rapidly end in parallel the price of LED lamps have come down to  an affordable Scale for the domestic consumer. Sri Lanka has already introduced performance stety and Minimum Energy performance  standers (MEPS) for LED Lamps introduce for which satisfy MEPS.

Benefits of Buying an Electric Vehicle

Benefits of Buying an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are going to be the future of mobility in the world. There are many reasons:

1. Electric motors are among the most efficient prime movers available today. When comparing a normal car engine and an electric motor, the maximum overall efficiency realizable from an engine is around 30% whereas it is nearly 90% in a motor.

2. Torque-speed characteristics of engines make them almost unsuitable for vehicle propulsion, because at zero speed, engines don’t deliver any torque. In contrast electric motors deliver maximum torque at zero speed, the ideal condition for vehicle propulsion.

3. As you know, engines useful even when in idle operation, since the engine has to be kept rotating. Electric motors use little or no energy in idling.

4. When the power developed in an engine is transferred to kinetic energy if a moving vehicle, there is no way to recover it when breaking. Electric vehicles can use regenerative breaking to convert

Although there are many plus points in electric vehicle technology, there are many negative aspects: they include the burden of heavy batteries, reliability of battery technology, long charging duration and short vehicle range, when compared to an engine driven vehicle. Another key factor is the cost of electric vehicles. Although Sri Lankans perceive electric vehicles to be cheaper than conventional vehicles, it happens so because of the heavy taxation imposed on engine vehicles.