An energy management system will help in identifying, planning and implementing change. It will also include practical systems and procedures to help commercial, industrial and domestic sectors to reach its energy goals.

While one energy management system per organisation maybe enough, corporations with multiple, diverse business units often find it easier for each unit to implement its own energy management system.

For companies / industries working internationally, or companies / industries keen to align energy management with other business systems, it may be worthwhile using the voluntary ISO50001 standard as the basis for your energy management system.


Key elements of a strong Energy Management System

  • Leadership is committed to the process.
  • Energy management is embedded into businesses, not just ‘tacked on’ to existing systems.
  • Clear goals are set about the company’s / sector’s / industry’s energy use, upon gaining a good understanding of the baseline conditions.
  • Energy management is recognised as part of continuous business improvement.
  • Progress is tracked, evaluated and reported.


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