Sustained economic growth across the globe is leading to steadily expanding demand for energy and associated generation capacity to maintain economic momentum. With falling technology costs and rising fossil fuel prices, renewable power technologies are increasingly competitive. Even key energy exporters are considering renewable energy options to reduce domestic fossil fuel consumption and preserve oil and gas reserves for export. The deployment of renewable energy in a regional context can enhance access to reliable and affordable electricity supply through expanded grid infrastructure; improve security of supply through resource diversification; reduce carbon emissions; and foster new investment and employment opportunities.

In reaching these opportunities we at SLSEA employ FOUR primary strategies encompassing thirteen genres of interventions and responses:


While energy experts are anticipating a major breakthrough in the next 15 years to save our environment, diversify energy sources and improve energy efficiency, renewable energy in Sri Lanka has become important. In line with the anticipated opportunities and global trends SLSEA aims to create novel concepts, present solutions and develop technologies to increase the usage and applications of renewable energy.

Paving the Way

Tailored to the specific needs and priorities of Sri Lanka, SLSEA aims to build upon the core pillars of resource assessment, national and regional planning, enabling frameworks for investment as well as associated activities on capacity building, public awareness and government support. SLSEA’s goals are to support the implementation of enabling frameworks that attract timely and sufficient financial resources; identify and develop cost-effective renewable power options; and encourage the reliable integration of higher shares of renewables into systems.

Rising together for an energy secure Sri Lanka

We share knowledge, insights and data from our funded projects to help the renewable energy industry and other projects learn from each other’s experiences. Knowledge sharing is a vital part of our role. All SLSEA funded activities include sharing knowledge through reports, publications, guides, models and resources, forums, workshops, conferences, site visits, website, content media and social media.

We engage people with activities which are focused on creating, collecting, analysing and storing, using or sharing knowledge. As well as building knowledge, these activities can also build networks that strengthen industry capacity, collaborations and partnerships.

Our Future

The concept of sustainability is about continuing an activity without affecting the ability of future generations to continue with the same activity. To achieve this, we have to take many steps by understanding the past, present and future of available resources and emerging demands. We at SLSEA will embark on building knowledge and charting a course of action Towards a future where sustainability is a way of life.

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