Energy standards outline conditions that make it possible to control energy use purposefully and improve energy efficiency. It defines requirements for the introduction, maintenance and improvement of an energy management system. 

For the implementation of the standard, an energy planning process must be carried out and documented. The process must cover all activities that affect energy-related performance.

The following are some of the important points:

  • Purchasing of energy-efficient products and services must already be stressed in company policy.
  • An initial energy baseline must be created (an energy data period for energy consumption) and energy performance indicators must be created.
  • The processes for the maintenance and energy-efficient design of production processes and buildings must be defined.

In line with the standard, we have by far contributed to the following regulatory instruments:

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Description Standard Number Regulation Progress
Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) SLS 1225:2002 1611/10 of 22ndJuly 2009 The revised Standard on Energy Labelling for CFLs has been published.
Ceiling fans SLS 1600: 2009 1794/15 of 22nd January 2013 Standards are available.
Ballasts SLS 1200:2012 1971/12 of 15thJune 2016 Mandatory energy label available.
Linear Fluorescent Lamps SLS 1625: 2013 1971/12 of 15thJune 2016 Voluntary energy label was developed and implemented for LED lamps. Draft regulations to implement the scheme on a mandatory basis is under formulation.
Refrigerators SLS 1230:2003 N/A The standards are being revised. In parallel to this, the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) are under formulation.
Air conditioners Not assigned yet N/A Energy Labelling Standard is under formulation.
Computers Not assigned yet N/A Energy Labelling Standard is under formulation. These standards have been prepared and sent to Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) and will be published shortly.
LED SLS 1530: 2016 N/A Minimum Energy Performance Standards are available


Guideline for Sustainable Energy Residences in Sri Lanka was prepared as a supplementary measure under the provisions available to prescribe standards and regulations on building energy use in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority invites comments from the public and other interested groups, on the above Code.

Copy of the above draft Code can be downloaded from the following link.

Comments should reach us on or before 2020-10-12


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