Mr. T. M .R. Bangsa Jayah


Eng. J.D.K Wikramaratne
Eng. J.D.K Wikramaratne is the Chairman of Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, and he assumed duties on 4th November 2015. He holds M.Sc. in Energy and Process Engineering from Berlin Technical University, Germany, and has wide exposure in research & development and project implementation. He has done special research with Berlin Technical University and also worked closely as a Consultant (Engineering) in German companies, with expertise in mineral exploration, mining and processing. He has served in Sri Lanka for private sector with key positions like Chairman, Managing Director, etc. He has high exposure with international organizations, embassies and foreign missions, and wishes to develop Sri Lanka with high technologies that are available in developed countries.

Mr. Prasad Galhena(April 2013 - November 2015)
Mr.Prasad Galhenais is the Chairman of SRI LANKA SUSTAINABLE ENERGY AUTHORITY and took on 23rd April 2013 .Having a proven track record of turning around several failing state institutions, he brings in a wealth of experience in with the view to making a positive impact on the development of the industry. As Chairman SEA Mr. Galhena, intends spearheading a drive to ensure, at least 20% of the total energy requirement of the country to be achieved through sustainable sources by the year 2020. This will contribute to a considerable reduction in the import of fossil fuel. As Chairman of Gem and Jewellery Authority Mr. Galhena cleared several pressing issues some of which were outstanding for over a decade. The year 2012 was the best performing year for the Gem and Jewellery Authority in its 41 year history. This year also saw the highest bonus paid, highest number of licenses issued, highest number of raids conducted on unlicensed mines, high exports and the highest closure of unauthorized mines. However with the introduction of heavily supervised mechanized mining unproductive mines have now begun to show profit and this gave the mining industry a boost as a whole.

During his 15 month tenure in the mining industry, exporting and the administration were put right. The mechanism has been set in motion to make Ratnapura Regional Office a one stop shop for those in the industry. As presently a prospective mine owner has to visit several offices to get the license to operate a mine. The Ratnapura Gem Museum is also on the slate and will be opened shortly. Further on developments a tourist shopping street made on Demuwawa Road. This will have all attractions for the tourist visiting Ratnapura. "IdarOberstein" a city in Germany which is the centre of the Gem industry in Europe will sign a memorandum making Ratnapura its twin city. The agreement will be signed by the Mayors of both cities. He leaves the Gem and Jewellery Authority a better place. Expansions initiated by him are the lab facilities and establishing regional centers for the purpose of assaying and hallmarking facilities of Jewellery in Colombo, Galle, Kandy and Jaffna

As Director Finance of Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd., with a then incurring substantial loss was turned around to a sizable profit of within a short period. Subsequently appointed the Chairman of Laksala which at that time was on verge of closure was made a profitable venture. With the introduction of several new divisions and branches during his tenure. New product lines were also introduced and all outstanding to craftsman were settled. As the Chairman of the Shipping Corporation during the period of 18 months several new divisions were added and profitable ventures were undertaken. The Ferry Service, Feeder Service for Vessels for India and Bangladesh, a Freight Logistics Division created , Personal Baggage Handling, the transportation of coal for the Norochcholai power plant are among some ventures initiated by him, thus generating the highest profit shown in the last two decades. Prasad Galhena has BBA (Hon) 1st Class and MBA (Hon) from the University of Colombo, a fellow the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting(CIMA - UK) and past finalist of both the Chartered Institute of Accountants Sri Lanka and the Charted Institute of Marketing UK.

Dr. D. M. D. O. K. Dissanayake (May 2010 - April 2013)
Dr.D.M.D.O.K. Dissanayake was the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority from 10th May 2010 to 22nd April 2013. He is a Charted Engineer and Specialist in Mining, Environmental Engineering, RS and GIS. He is a Senior Lecturer attached to the Department of Earth Resources Engineering, University of Moratuwaand he holds the position of Chairman, Sri Lanka Standards Institution at present. Dr. Dissanayakeis a former Head of the Department of Earth Resources Engineering, University of Moratuwa and a former Director General of Geological Survey & Mines Bureau coming under the Ministry of Environment & Renewable Energy.Dr. Dissanayake is also Sri Lankan expert for the official technical meetings of the Preparatory Commission for Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) in Vienna, Austria.

Prof. Krishan Deheragoda (January 2009 – May 2010)
Prof. Krishan Deheragoda, a well known practicing academic cum administrator and a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Geography, Faculty of Humanitarian and Social Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura served as the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority from January 2009 to May 2010. The SLSEA notes with gratitude that Prof.Krishan Deheragoda took the lead in establishing a full-fledged Geographic Information System (GIS) which also functions as one of the best GISs in Sri Lanka. ( Further, he created the first ever solar village in Galgomuwa of the Monaragala District ( and took the helm in building the first ever solar energy park in Asia, in Hambantota – Sri Lanka.

Mr. Ananda Gunasekara (October 2007 – January 2009)
Mr. Ananda Gunasekara was the Founder Chairman of the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, established in October 2007. He had served in the Sri Lanka Administrative Service as a professional Administrator for over 3 decades. The SLSEA notes with gratitude that Mr. Ananda Gunasekara took the helm in establishing the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority amidst many obstacles. His commitment was unparalleled.