Energy Audit Report Presentation for Central Provincial Council Officers
In the year 2014 eight energy audits were done on the invitation of Ministry of Road Development, Electricity & Energy, and Housing & Construction of Central Provincial Council. The reports of these audits will be officially handed over to the heads of respective institutions by the Hon. Minister of the Ministry of Road Development, Electricity & Energy, and Housing & Construction of Central Provincial Council.  on 8th may 2015. Recommendations will be presented and explained by the SLSEA officials to the audience. This programme was held at Conference Hall of the Ministry.
Seminar on Tri-generation
Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA) has carried out many programmes to improve demand side energy efficiency in industrial, commercial and domestic sectors. Tri-generation or Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) refers to simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heating and cooling from one source of energy, which is the one of the best method available for maximum utilization of energy and it can achieve efficiencies over 80%.
In this context, SLSEA has decided to explore the possibilities of introducing tri-generation for sectors such as Hotels, Garments, and Industrial Zones etc. As an initiation SLSEA started to conduct Feasibility Study for Implementing Tri-generation Systems for Hotel Industry of Sri Lanka through a reputed ESCO working in Sri Lanka as well as abroad. SLSEA is planning to conduct a “Seminar on Tri-generation which includes the presentation of findings of the above study. In addition to that one or two cases of successful implementation of Tri generation in local industries may also be presented. The seminar will be on free of charge.
The target groups of participants are Energy Managers and ESCOs, Hoteliers, industrialists and researchers, etc. The seminar will be held on 7th of May 2015 at committee room E, BMICH.
Evening Lecture for Energy Managers
As a part of national energy efficiency programme, Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority has initiated the energy managers’ scheme targeting both industrial and commercial sectors. This scheme was regularized under an extraordinary Gazette No. 1715/12 of 20th July 2011 and so far 191 “Energy Managers” have been registered by SLSEA. The role of an energy manager is to create an energy efficient culture within an organization with the assistance of employees in all levels, and thereby make energy efficiency a regular business practice. For that, the Energy Manager Guideline prescribes that accredited Energy Managers are required to undergo training in energy management on continuous basis. So, SLSEA is providing the necessary training and awareness to cater those requirements. This evening lecture series is one of them and the main objective of this is to enhance and share knowledge in order to facilitate their work as energy managers.
Good Practices in Motor Rewinding for Energy Efficiency
The largest share of the total industrial and commercial consumption is by motors. Due to high cost of replacement motor rewinding has become a common practice in industrial sector. Especially in remote areas, motor rewinding is done by the repair shops available in the nearest town. In most of time energy efficiency of rewound motors are dropped significantly due to lack of efficient repairing practices. In this context, conducting a training programme for motor rewinders is highly useful. A guideline was prepared by Engineering Design Center of University of Peradeniya in consultation of Dr.S.G Abeyratne to inculcate the best practices for maintaining energy efficiency at an acceptable level, while rewinding motors. The best practices highlighted in the guideline will be presented at the programme which was held on 25th of March 2015 at committee room E, BMICH. A practical session will also be conducted. The audience is NVQ qualified motor rewinders.
Green Energy Zones Declared
Consumer areas in the country will be developed as green energy zones according to a concept presented by Honorable Patali Champika Ranawaka, Minister of Power and Energy. 3.4km2 area closer to the capital city of Sri Jayawardhanapura which is the home for 7,149 domestic consumers and 1,352 other users of electricity was selected as a pilot project by Lanka Electricity Company(LECO).

In the ceremony to mark the inauguration of the project, Minister spelt out the basic elements of the project as the introduction of Smart Meters, Low energy street lamps, Electric vehicles charging point etc. He was confident that by 2016 the capital city will lead the world as a beautiful sustainable city.

Award Ceremony for School Energy Clubs
SLSEA has put numerous efforts to engage younger generation in energy saving activities. School energy club programme which was introduced in year 2012 with the collaboration of Ministry of Education is one such intervention aimed at providing technical knowledge and financial assistance to energy clubs from different educational zones. Award ceremony for the best performing schools was held on 03rd March 2015 at the Committee Room C, BMICH
Training of Teachers Trainers
Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority( SLSEA) conducted a training programme to train 450 trainers as trainers of science teachers to carryout activities related to the energy clubs in collaboration with National Engineering Research & Development Center(NERD). Nine programme have been scheduled & the first programme was held on 25th & 27th of February, 2015 at NERD Center,Ja-Ela
Launch of Solar Resource Atlas of Sri Lanka
The Solar Resource Atlas of Sri Lanka is a compilation of the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, as a component of the renewable energy resource mapping programme of the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA). The major components of the report are;
  1. Preparation of high resolution solar irradiation maps (GHI, DNI) of Sri Lanka
  2. Preparation of spatial distribution of solar PV electric potential map of Sri Lanka
  3. Preparation of spatial distribution of mounting angle of PV panels
The information published in this Atlas would cater to a wider range of professionals such as energy planners, project developers, land use planners, architects and solar energy service providers among others. The resource maps depicted in the report will be very useful in visualising the distribution of solar resource potential in various geographical regions across the country. Data on solar PV electric potential will serve as an effective guide to locate net metering installations and make prefeasibility level assessment on energy yield estimates. The energy optimising mounting angle of a given location was derived solely based on the annual energy yield estimates. A resource map with greater accuracy and resolution can benefit many new sectors such as building integrated solar PV solutions, daylight harnessing and soft solar applications for service water heating etc… Also, the new knowledge acquired from this study can also help the vast agriculture sector in areas such as crop irrigation.
Training Workshop on “Biomass Energy: Present Status and Future Trends” 

A training workshop on “Biomass Energy: Present Status and Future Trends” was held on BOI Auditorium, Biyagama Export Processing Zone, on 29th January 2015, with the enthusiastic contributions from Eng. M.K.D. Lawrence, Director (Zones). Senior officials of Board of Investment and industrial participants, including factory managers, professional engineers & Grade I boiler operators participated the programme from BOI Zones across the country, including Biyagama, Seethawaka, Katunayake, Horana, Mawathagama, etc.


This event witnessed the inauguration of training workshops carried out under the recently launched UNDP biomass project, funded through Global Environmental Facility (GEF). SLSEA is implementing three components of the project: policy institutional support for effective fuel switching using fuel wood, enabling environment for fuel wood suppliers and wood based energy technology development under the said project titled “Promoting Sustainable Biomass Energy Production and Modern Bio-Energy Technologies in Sri Lanka”. The project spanning up to 2017 aims to complete training and awareness programmes with the objective of improving services to promote fuel switching in industry and improved cooperation between various government agencies and private sector to promote sustainable production, supply and use of fuel wood.

Incorporation of Technology Providers of Net-metering Facilities in Configurators developed by the SEA
Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA), established by the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority Act No. 35 of 2007, is engaged in renewable energy development and improving energy efficiency programmes. In order to allow domestic consumers to contribute to the renewable energy development effort, the net metering scheme was introduced in 2010. The SEA developed simple spreadsheet based configurators (tools) to assist home owners to select an optimally sized system, which are available at the url
Only a limited number of technology providers have been incorporated in these configurators. The SEA wishes to expand the list of technology providers and upgrade the configurators. All technology providers are hereby invited to furnish the Supplier Registration Form (two sheets, solar panel specifications and inverter specifications) downloadable at and mail it back to or posting it to the address indicated below, on or before January 30, 2015.  With the launch of the Solar Resource Atlas of Sri Lanka on December 22, 2014, the SEA uploaded a spreadsheet based tool which would provide radiation levels of GN divisions islandwide, which in turn would be useful for decision making processes for net-metering technology provides. The tool will be available at the url
Please download the supplier registration form here.
Director General
Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority
1st Floor, BMICH
Bauddaloka Mawatha
Colombo 07
Download the supplier registration form
Good practices in motor rewinding for energy efficiency
Nearly 60% of the total industrial and commercial energy consumption is by motors. Due to high cost of replacement motor rewinding has become a common practice in industrial sector. Especially in remote areas such as Tea industry, motor rewinding is done by repair shops available in nearest town. In most of time Energy efficiency of rewound motors are dropped significantly due to lack of good repairing practices. In this contest conducting a training programme for Motor Rewinders is highly useful. A guideline was prepared by Engineering Design Center of University of Peradeniya in consultation with Dr.S.G Abeyratne (Senior Lecturer, Dept of Mechanical Engineering – University of Peradeniya) to inculcate the best practices for maintaining energy efficiency at an acceptable level, when rewinding motors. The best practices highlighted in the guideline was presented at the programme which was held on 27th of November 2014 at committee room E. The audience is  NVQ qualified motor rewinders.
Sri Lanka National Energy Efficiency Awards
Sri Lanka National Energy Efficiency Award (SLNEEA) was held successfully at Committee Room B of BMICH, on 25th November 2014 with the distinguished participation of Hon. D. M. Jayaratne, Prime Minster of Sri Lanka. Under different categories, industrial and commercial establishments and state and private sector offices have joined the SLNEEA scheme for 2014 with high enthusiasm, on successful implementation of energy efficiency improvement projects as well as with the introduction of energy management systems into the respective establishments. Gold flames were awarded to Professional MET Consultancy Services (Pvt.) Ltd, EnergySolve International (Pvt.) Ltd., Overseas Realty (Ceylon) PLC and Comfortwear (Pvt.) Ltd of Brandix Group.
National Energy Symposium 2014

Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA) has been conducting National Energy Symposium in order to provide a platform to researchers, academia, industrialist and other interested parties to discuss outcomes of researches related to the subject of sustainable energy or concepts that can be fruitfully used to uplift the sustainable energy programmes being implemented at national level. The symposium was held as one of the key events of Vidulka National Exhibition in the past couple of years. It has become possible to amalgamate this with an International Conference, and accordingly National Energy Symposium – 2014 was held as one of the sessions of the international event of Integrated Conference of Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2014 and the Intergovernmental 8th Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) Forum in Asia. This will provide an opportunity for the researches to discuss their findings with a wide audience including international experts related to the areas of environment and sustainable energy. The National Energy Symposium was held on the 3rd day of the conference – 21st November 2014 at Committee Room B of the BMICH.

Scout Instructor Training Programme

The Scout Energy Proficiency Badge Programme is being praised by the scout community due to the practical experiences and the knowledge the children receive. An awareness campaign on the Scout Energy Proficiency Badge Programme, with the objective of training scout instructors was held on 22nd October 2014, at Nalanda College, Colombo 10. Special lectures and practicals were conducted to give necessary awareness to scouts on energy proficiency badge. In that occasion, the English translation of the Scout Syllabus Handbook “Let’s Conserve Energy” was ceremonially launched by handing over to Mr. Rohan Weerasekara (National Programming Commissioner) by Mr. Ranjith Pathmasiri (Deputy Director General – Operations, SLSEA). Mr. Chamila Jayasekera (Director – Strategy, SLSEA) and Mr. Darshana Ranathunga (Assistant District Commissioner) also contributed as resource persons. 

Second programme of training pre-school teachers
The insight of a man is crafted from his childhood activities too. To make the nation energy conscious, SLSEA has developed programmes targeting adults and school children. At the same time SLSEA does not forget the pre-school children. Energy consciousness will be developed in little minds through play activities, performing arts and creative storybooks carrying a message on energy conservation and renewable energy. The second programme of training pre-school teachers was held on Sanasa building, Matara on 12th October 2014 in collaboration with “Bilindu” newspaper. The programme had participation of 100 pre-school teachers. Resource persons included Mr. Piyal Udaya Samaraweera (chief editor of Bilindu/Vijaya papers), Mr. Nilhal Dalugoda (specialist in pre-school education), Mr. Upul Weerasinghe (developer of media programmes for children) and Mr. Wimal Nadeera (Head – Renewable Energy of SLSEA).
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School Awareness Programme on Sustainable Energy City- Kotte was launched
Minister of Environment & Renewable Energy, Hon. Susil Premajayantha launched School Programme on Sustainable Energy City- Kotte on 7th October 2014 at President’s College, Rajagiriya. Chairman of Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA), Mr. Prasad Galhena, Director General of SLSEA, Dr. Thusitha Sugathapala, Members of Sri Jayawardanapura – Kotte Municipal Council (MC), Mr. Premalal Athukorala and Mr. Deepal Chandrakantha, officials of SLSEA and MC- Kotte and representatives of School Energy Clubs of the Kotte Municipality participated. Mobilisation funds for the school energy clubs were distributed and with the objective of making first ever Sustainable Energy City in Sri Lanka, a Memorandum of Understanding on implementing renewable energy and energy management programmes was signed by Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority and Sri Jayawardanapura -Kotte Municipal Council. Targeting to create an energy conscious community, awareness programmes and related activities will be launched through the school energy clubs established within the zone.
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Programme on “Energy Efficient Kitchen”
Since the lady of the house is involved in many activities in households, it is indispensable to share practical knowledge of using LP Gas, electricity, biomass, kerosene in an energy efficient manner. Thus a novel concept of “an Energy Efficient Kitchen”, which is clean, beautiful and saves housewives time was developed with Sirikatha Newspaper. In addition, educating on designing the interior of the house in a way that energy is saved, practicing housewives to be more vigilant on household energy consumption, popularizing smoke free biomass cookers, reducing waste and increasing environment friendly products were identified as indirect benefits of such a programme.  This novel concept was linked with the popular programme with 20 year long history, i.e. “Sirikatha Rasa Medura”, conducted by Ms. Shantha Mayadunne and hosted by Ms. Indunil Dissanayake. The programme was successfully held with the distinguished participation of Minister of Education Hon. Bandula Gunawardhana, Minister of Power and energy, Hon. Pavithra Wanniarachchi and Minister of Public Transport Services Hon. C.B. Ratnayake and with a massive participation of about 1,400 housewives at Youth Centre, Maharagama on 27th September 2014.
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Development of Energy Educational Programme
Recognizing the immense value that schools and school children can bring to the initiative and taking due consideration of this urgent need, SLSEA plans to introduce an innovative Energy Education Programme to create energy conscious future generation. This programme comprises of   Curriculum Development, National Energy Day Programme and Energy Clubs Programme. Through these initiatives, it is targeted to disseminate knowledge, inculcate attitudes and provide hands-on experience in managing energy in day-to-day activities and opening up avenues of using renewable energy resources. In connection to this Ministry of Education and SLSEA will conduct a workshop to obtain views of stakeholders  to develop this Energy Education Programme and implementation strategies to obtain the high participation from school population in the programme.  The workshop was held from 15th to 16th of September 2014 at the Blue Water Hotel at Wadduwa. The objective of the workshop is to develop National Energy Education Programme and implementation strategies.
Energy Management in Tea Sector
Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy(SLSEA) Authority conducted an Energy Management programme for tea industry on 12th & 13th September 2014 in collaboration with Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka. More than 25 tea factories participated in this programme. This programme was a follow-up programme for the training provided in 2013. Energy efficiency improvement projects implemented by the participating industries were evaluated, through which nearly 30 reports on energy management activities in tea sector were delivered. The deviations from good energy practice were brought to the attention of management of individual establishments. Recommendations for further improvement were also addressed through this programme.
Scout Training Programme in Colombo District
Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority is focusing on making Sri Lankan citizens conscious about energy and environment. These programmes address many tiers of society, from Pre- school to general public and academia, and from industries to transport sectors. The Scout Energy Proficiency Badge Programme is developed to provide leadership to school children, with special emphasis on scouts. An awareness campaign on the Scout Energy Proficiency Badge Programme was held on 7th September 2014, at Royal College, Colombo 07. Special lectures and practical were conducted to give necessary awareness to scouts on energy proficiency badge. Mr. Harsha Wickramasinghe (Deputy Director General – Strategy), Mr. Athula Jayathunga (Director, Developing & Progressing), Mr. Rohan Weerasekara (National Programming Commissioner), Mr. Ruwan Ariyarathne (Head quarters Commissioner) from National Scouts Commission were the key resource personnel for this programme. The second programme for the Colombo District Scouts will be held on 20th September 2014, at Nalanda College, Colombo 10.
National Programme on Energy Efficient and Environmentally Sustainable Transport (E3ST) System in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority organized its annual seminar/training programme on Energy Efficient and Environmentally Sustainable Transport (E3ST) System in Sri Lanka. SLSEA initiated the E3ST programme with the technical assistance from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Clean Air Asia Centre in the Philippines and the University of Moratuwa (UOM) in year 2011. Under this programme, a national symposium and training programme on Energy Efficient and Environmentally Sustainable Transport is conducted as an annual event. This year’s programme was held on 28th & 29th of August, 2014 at BMICH, Colombo and Mahaweli Reach Hotel, Kandy respectively targeting policy makers, researchers, academia and undergraduates. The programme has special emphasis on electrification of transport, fuel economy standards and transport infrastructure design, lectures were delivered by experts in the particular area from both local and foreign intuitions  including Asian Development Bank (ADB), Clean Air Asia (CAA), Institution for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP), GIZ Sustainable Urban Transport Project (GIZ-SUTP), Terra Motors – Japan and the University of Moratuwa.
The objectives of this programme are
01. Training/ capacity building of the Air Quality Management resource teams in the Universities of Peradeniya, Jaffna and Ruhuna ,particularly on development of driving cycles for key outstation cities and establishing fuel economy/emission standards.
02. Further knowledge dissemination on fuel efficiency in transport sector with emphasis on electrification of transport sector (electric/hybrid vehicles,railway electrification)
Workshop on Preparation of Activity Plan for Energy Clubs-Kotte

Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority organized a two day workshop for science teachers of school energy clubs in the Kotte education zone to enhance knowledge on action plan preparation for school energy clubs and to disseminate hands on experiences on energy conservation, in collaboration with Ministry of Education. The programme was held on 30th and 31st of July 2014 from 8.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m at National Institute of Education,Maharagama.

Pre-School Knowledge Development Initiative on Energy Sustainability

Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority organized a ‘Training programme for Pre-school Teachers’ to enhance knowledge about energy conservation and energy efficiency in collaboration with Bilindu Kids paper.

The above programme was held on 07th June 2014 at BCSI hall, BMICH from 8.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m. Mr. Piyal Udaya Samaraweera,Upul Weerasingha and Nihal Dalugama were recource persons to the programme. The programme was attended by 110 pre-school teachers.

Training programme for preschool teachers
A Workshop on assembling LED bulbs
A Workshop on assembling LED bulbs and repairing CFL bulbs organized by the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority in association with the Vidusara Science Magazine was held at the Jayawardene Centre in Colombo recently. Providing guidance to technicians to assemble LEDs maintaining the quality of them was done with a hands on training session in the workshop.
Solar net metering for your home
Net metered solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are gaining popularity among the general public. Net metering involves a ten year contract, a generation facility with a limit of 10 MW or the contract demand of the premises and any renewable resource for power generation. The surplus will be credited to the customer, but no payment will be made for the surplus, nor can the customer sell it to another customer. Both electricity distributors, the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and the Lanka Electricity Company Pvt. Ltd. (LECO), offer net metering to their customers. Both Regulations are nearly the same, with the only difference in fees payable. Technically, any renewable resource like hydro, wind, solar and biomass can be net-metered. But at household level, solar PV systems are the preferred option, owing to resource availability, smaller space requirements and ease of operation and maintenance.
The SEA developed a user-friendly tool which enables you to make the best choice for a net metered solar system for your home. This user friendly tool (configurator) was developed on MS Excel, based on data of list prices of panels and inverters provided by solar companies. You could select a system for your home just by entering your bill value and the amount of money you are willing to invest. We give you a variety of solutions, that would be displayed conveniently. For example, if you wish to seek a system that fits your budget, you could select systems sorted according to their prices or simple payback periods. Alternatively, if you wish to seek reputed bands, you could select companies sorted in alphabetical order. We give contact details of companies, so that you could always contact them for more information.
This tool runs a macro. If you are using MS Excel 2007 or lower versions, you would see an “Options” button in a message bar above the formula bar. Click on this button and you would be prompted by a dialog box named security alert. Click the radio button next to “enable content”. If you are using MS Excel 2010 or higher versions, you would see an “Enable Content” button over the formula bar. Click on this to enable it. (If you do not enable content, you would not be able to use the programme.)
If you have queries, comments or suggestions, please drop an email to  along with your contact details. We will respond within two working days.
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Institutions excelled in Energy Efficiency awarded at Vidulka 2013
Presentation of Sri Lanka National Energy Efficiency awards organized by Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy was held on 12th December 2013 at the BMICH with grand inauguration of Vidulka 2013. Award winners posing picture with Hon. D.M Jayarathne Prime Minister, Democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka, Hon. Susil Premajayantha, Minister of Environment and Renewable Energy, Hon. A.M Abdul Carder, Deputy Minister of Environment and Renewable Energy, Mr.B.M.U.D Basnayake, Secretary to the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy, Mr. Prasad Galhena, Chairman Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority and Dr.Thusitha Sugathapala , Director General, Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority.

Promoting Renewable Energy Technologies in Provincial Level

Providing Rural Energy Services with Renewable Energy Technologies is a key concern of Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority. A two days workshop for creating awareness on the applicable and suitable renewable energy technologies for the Uva Province was held on 24th and 25th of October 2013, at the Heritage Holiday Resort-Badulla, with the participation of Chairpersons of Pradeshiya Sabha and technical officers of Uva Province. The workshop comprised of field visits, lectures and group works to plan the promotion of Rural Energy Services within the province. The foresaid programme was held with the participation of officials of the Ministry of Power and Energy, Uva Province.
Program Materials
01. Introduction to Alternative Energy Resources and Policies
02. SJ Dryers Uva Prov. Council Sinhala Oct 2013
Energy Productivity Improvement Programme
SLSEA conducted an awareness programme for the staff of the National Hospital on 20th September and 14th October 2013. This is an initiative under the Energy productivity improvement programme for state institutions conducted by SLSEA with the coordination of the productivity secretariat. Medical staff from different units of the hospital participated for these sessions, where they had been given opportunity to be exposed to energy saving measures, specifically those applicable to hospitals and for offices and households in general.
Energy productivity improvement programme is being expanded to the provincial levels. The 7th inception workshop on this will be conducted is collaboration with the North Central Provincial Council. The programme will be held at North Central Provincial Council auditorium, from 8.30 to 2.00 p.m on 14th November 2013. Provincial programmes on energy productivity improvement have already been conducted in North-western province, Central province, Southern province, Western province, Uva province and Eastern province.
Capacity building programme for ESCOs
SLSEA recently launched a programme for enhancing energy efficiency services sector of Sri Lanka is collaboration with the Korea Energy Management Corporation(KEMCO). As the first initiative of the programme, a two-day capacity building programme for Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) was held on 3rd & 4th October 2013. Chairman SLSEA, Mr.Prasad Galhena, Executive Director KEMCO, Mr.Hyokyung Yoo participating the inauguration of the capacity building programme.
Technical Assistance from Korea for Energy Efficiency Services
Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO), an institute for energy conservation and management under Korean Government join hands with SLSEA in providing technical assistance in enhancing energy efficiency services sector of Sri Lanka. Formal Exchange of letters in this respect was held on last 2nd October 2013 at SLSEA with the presence of Mr. Prasad Galhena, Chairman, SLSEA and Mr. Hyo Kyung Yoo, Executive Director, KEMCO.
Energy Efficient Lighting Guidelines for Residential Applications

In reducing electricity consumption in the household sector, lighting can play a significant role. Improper selection of lamps as well as poorly designed luminaires lead to extensive energy wastage, which can be reduced with basic understanding of incorporating energy efficient technologies in lighting applications. With assistance of Asian Development Bank (ADB), Sri Lanka has formulated Energy Efficient Lighting Guidelines for Residential Sector. Outcome of detailed surveys on domestic lighting applications and the developments of lighting technologies have been taken into account in preparing these guidelines. Publishing the Guidelines was held on 4th October 2013 at Hotel TajSamudra, with the distinguished participation of Hon. Susil Premajayanth, Minister of Environment & Renewable Energy and Hon. Pavithra Wanniarachchi, Minister of Power & Energy.
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Program Materials
01. IIEC Presentation on load curve impacts
02. IIEC Presentation on surveys
03. Lighting Products and Guidelines
04. LWM Strategy & Plan Sep'13
05. Presentation Lighting Policy
06. Project Overview and Outputs Sep'13


SEA Lighting Policy of Sri Lanka
Energize SMEs in Sri Lanka with German Expertise
Small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) in Sri Lanka face a number of challenges .One of them is high energy cost. There are intelligent and affordable ways to cut down on energy costs. By doing so, they may not only be able to reduce their energy bills, but also to modernize business as well as enhance the quality of products. SLSEA joined with IfadS and GIZ to develop concept of circular economy in SME sectors. A successful two day seminar was held at Chaaya Village Habarana on last 12th -13 Sep 2013. The aim of the seminar was to provide industrial and Commercial Small and Medium Enterprises with the necessary knowledge on methods and technologies to improve energy and material efficiency and enhance their business competitive.
Program Materials
01. Introduction of the Institute for applied Material Flow Management
02. Introduction to Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority & Its Role in the Programme
03. Introduction to Industrial Material Flow Management Methodology and global SME Success Stories
04. Strategies, Technologies, Experiences, Challenges and Solutions for SMEs in Sri Lanka on Material and Energy Efficiency Strategies