National Energy Policy and Strategies of Sri Lanka has assigned responsibility of achieving several policy objectives to Sustainable Energy Authority. Among these, ensuring energy security, increasing indigenous energy and improving energy efficiency rank highest in our priorities. Accordingly, we have crystallized a grand vision for the organization – An Energy Secure Sri Lanka

In our journey towards an energy secure Sri Lanka, we have set three primary goals for the Sustainable Energy Authority.

Ensuring Energy Security

Energy security of the individual citizen and the energy security of the nation will be our responsibility. The ways and means of achieving this distant goal will essentially built on management of knowledge, formulation of policies and transformation of market and systems. We foresee a Sri Lanka where all citizens have access to modern energy services by 2017.

Increasing Indigenous Energy

Sustainable Energy Authority will try to reach a target of 10% of all energy forms generated from non-conventional renewable energy resources by 2017. This ambitious target will be achieved across all areas including electricity, transport and domestic sectors.

Arresting the Growth of an Energy Intensity of Economy

Keeping the economic development of Sri Lanka in focus and in anticipation of a strong growth in industrial sector, intensity of economy will continue to increase. Our aim will be to manage the energy intensity of economy at 500toe/XDRM even in 2017.