Travel smart!

Your transport bill can be reduced drastically, if you select the most efficient mode of transport, improve the fuel economy of your vehicle, improve your driving habits and ensure quality maintenance.

Let’s plan well

  • Reduce unwanted trips.
  • Opt to cycle or...

Shopping Energy Wise

When shopping for appliances, be conscious about the energy factor. It maybe hard to get rid of that age old fridge at home or that rattling ceiling fan... But it needs to be done, in the long run, an efficient appliance will pay for itself and begin to add to your savings. Here’s a checklist to help you save more on energy.

  • Do I really...

Domestic Appliances

You will need to know a few important tips when shopping for some commonly used domestic appliances. Also, planning their usage is important. The following tips will help you to decide on an efficient schedule.

Convection ovens

Always insist that the 13 A standard plug is provided with the appliance....

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