When shopping for appliances, be conscious about the energy factor. It maybe hard to get rid of that age old fridge at home or that rattling ceiling fan... But it needs to be done, in the long run, an efficient appliance will pay for itself and begin to add to your savings. Here’s a checklist to help you save more on energy.

  • Do I really need to buy it?

Am I buying it because of a tempting advertisement, or to keep up with my neighbours? Or do I really need it?

  • Proper sizing

Don’t buy appliances that larger or more powerful than what you really need.

  • Be conscious about energy and environment labels

Common household appliances like lamps, ceiling fans, refrigerators, Air Conditioners and even computers have energy labels. Make sure you purchase an efficient appliance, because, although it will be costlier initially, it will save money substantially in the long run. Go for energy saving features and designs. Check out the energy features of appliances as meticulously as you check the price and performance. Find out which features increase energy use and think whether you really need those features. For instance, a clothes dryer may consume 3,000 watts, while the washing machine only needs one fifth of that. Some appliances have special energy saving features such as special thermostats.

  • Comparison shopping

As more and more appliances make their way to the market, it is critical that we do a comparison for cost effectiveness. Purchase considerations should balance time, convenience, money and energy conservation factors. Though features maybe similar, there are significant differences in energy consumption of appliances.

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