Lightings accounts for 15% of electricity in a normal household. Therefore, investing in efficient lighting saves a great deal. Workout the difference yourself.


A 9W compact...


It’s high time we challenge our conventional chefs!

Do you know the 20 - 40 minute cooking art? It’s tried and tested.

  • Cut the vegetables, meat and fish and leave them to season.
  • Add curry powder and other ingredients.
  • Turn the stove on and commence cooking meats and vegetables.
  • Wash the rice in the meantime.
  • Start...

Ironing and Washing

Smart clothing

You may not realise it, but doing your laundry is one of the biggest energy drainers at home. It requires a lot of energy to tumble / heat the water used to wash your clothes and even more energy to dry it!

The quest for the best

Tips for purchasing good irons

  • No matter how tedious and cumbersome...

Ventilation and Thermal Comfort

Being simple is being sensible!

Growing trees around your home reduces heat gain a great deal. Why pay so much for fans and air conditioning? Be trendy. Grow trees around your home and reduce your bill.

Be wise in choosing the...


Perhaps, old is not always gold!!
Most refrigerators, especially freezers are energy guzzlers. You may not realise it, but they consume 30 - 50% units of a normal household. But most refrigerators are underutilised. They don’t contain more than

  • A few bottles of water
  • Dry fish - funnily enough to prevent cats getting at it
  • Sugar and other sweet things -...
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