In line with our vison and with the objective of leading the sustainable energy development programmes in the country in the upcoming period, facilitating the journey towards the national renewable energy development target of realizing 70% electricity generation using renewable energy sources by 2030, we have developed a corporate plan for the period of 2021-2025. Global energy transition trends along-with the technological advancements in that regard have been considered in the compilation of this Corporate Plan. Strategic objectives, strategies and programmes have been developed under the following goals.

  • Increase the renewable energy share in the primary energy supply
  • Reduce energy waste across all sectors by energy efficiency improvement and conservation
  • Create an environment conducive for a robust pipeline of sustainable energy programmes to make those a strength to economy
  • Contribute to reduce GHG emissions from energy sector
  • Create a policy framework to provide a fertile soil for sustainable energy programmes
  • Transform the society to an energy-conscious society

Our annual action plans are developed based on the goals set by the corporate plan

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