Several award ceremonies and exhibitions held to recognise the achievements of Sri Lankans in terms of energy, enables participants to network with key decision makers to create new business opportunities and cement your presence in the industry, celebrate their achievements with their customers and colleagues and learn first-hand about the new innovations driving the sector.

In order to do so, we facilitate the following awards / exhibitions:   

  • Sri Lanka National energy efficiency awards and the
  • Vidulka exhibition, detailed in the energy management section.
  • The Energy Journalist Award

The Energy Journalist Award will recognise the outstanding contribution of mass media personnel towards disseminating knowledge on energy management, renewable energy development and demand side activities in the country, employing print, electronic and social media. Submissions made by journalists will be scrutinised by a panel of judges, consisting of academics in mass communication, representatives of mass communication and information the Sri Lanka Press Council, representatives of the electronic media and us.

These Awards will be awarded annually, commencing from August 2019 onwards.

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