We help in bringing the best renewable energy ideas to life by investing in projects that accelerate Sri Lanka’s shift to affordable and reliable renewable energy. We find Sri Lanka’s best renewable energy ideas and connect them with the resources they need to help power the nation’s future.

We do this by funding projects, sharing knowledge and supporting networks to drive ideas and bring renewable energy technologies to market. We understand that knowledge sharing, and management plays a vital role in achieving these goals.

We believe that improved living standards can be achieved by enabling access to modern energy forms. Access to clean, affordable and reliable modern energy drives societies to adopt new lifestyles. Such changing lifestyles often mean consumption of more goods and services. This in turn means increased energy demand. This phenomenon of affluence causing more demand for available goods and services driving energy demand growth is further exacerbated by global trends such as population growth and urbanisation.

Change of lifestyles, which can result in a higher standard of living with similar or lesser demand on energy and other natural resources, is the only way to arrest the escalating demand for the limited natural resources of the planet.

Knowledge management is the gamut of activities undertaken, aiming at changing human behaviour, social order and lifestyles. We foresee the future citizen as the main driver of lifestyle change and also the beneficiary of our knowledge management programme.

We also value the role of technology and know-how in transforming markets which is a necessary prerequisite for the lifestyle change envisaged by the knowledge management programme. Systematic approaches to (1) unearth new knowledge, (2) gain better understanding of situations, (3) technology seeding and (4) causing behavioural changes in the society (5) Challenging the future are the main focus areas of knowledge management.


Information Officer
Ms. Nilusha Imashi Kavirathna
Director (Administration)
No. 72, Ananda Coomaraswami Mw, Colombo 07
Tel: 011-2575203 Ext 210
Designation Officer
Mr. J. M. Athula
Director General
No. 72, Ananda Coomaraswami Mw, Colombo 07
Tel: 011-2575203 Ext 200
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