Effective management and utilisation of renewable energy have become very important with the increasing demand for energy. As far as creating an energy conscious nation is concerned, school children, the decision makers of tomorrow, are crucial. In recognition of this fact, we launched the School Energy Club Programme in 2012 on a nation-wide level, with the aim of utilising school children efficiently for this cause. To date, over 3,000 School Energy Clubs have been established in the country, accommodating every willing school in the Energy Education Programme. Further the scouts programme and nursery teacher education programmes are being carried out to orient the minds of the future citizens towards energy consciousness.

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In addition to above various educational tools to make awareness among the students on energy management and renewable energy are being developed. One such item being the ‘Hulang Mama’ cartoon which is based on Mr. Piyal Udaya Samaraweera's book 'Hulang Mama'. The purpose of this cartoon is to inspire the child who plays with a wind toy to become a designer, an engineer, or an innovator in the energy sector.

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